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What a great idea. We need a company like Freedom Shoe. I am a woman wearing shoe size 10 and can never seem to find a classy shoe that is comfortable. I'm looking forward to your launch!

Amanda B - London, England

I can't wait for Freedom Shoe to open. I've been wanting comfortable stylish dress shoes for so long!  

Stacy T - Oklahoma City, OK

There is a great need for what you are doing! There is a need for it! 

Amy M - Independence, MO

Thank you for caring. I love what you do and what you are about. 

Rachael C - Kansas City, MO

Hi Pamela, everything is going great! I Love the bag and I want to thank you for doing such a good job in its construction. You are such a sweetheart and I'm happy to be able to help your new business!  😀 

Ilona V - Kansas City, MO

Oh my bag is gorgeous!!! Thank you Pamela!!!

Carla K - Kansas City, MO

I love my new bag! I'm so excited about your message -helping to stand up to bullying and knowing that me buying something beautiful for myself is going a long way to helping others. Great job!!

Carolyn V - Liberty, MO

Beautiful work!

Milady P - Kansas City, MO

I'm really excited for your shoe launch. We really need plus size shoes that are classy and comfortable. I know you will be a success because you are so kind and have a good heart. It is obvious that you care. 

Denise A - Boston, MA

You guys are awesome! We love you. Thank you so much ma'am for all you do for the cause! -You are somebody

Kirk S - Del City, OK
Stand For The Silent

Kansas City, MO

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