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Help Make Us Better

Your opinion matters greatly to us and will help make us better able to serve you. For that reason we would love for you to help make us better by either writing a review about your experience or completing a short shoe survey. My company embodies team work and strives to make what we offer better and to your continued satisfaction.  

Here’s how you can help make us better:

Review us on Facebook!

We value your feedback, and if you have a moment we’d love for you to check us out on Facebook. Thanks for your business, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again!



Complete A Shoe Survey

Although we are still in the process of making a quality shoe, we continue to obtain information so that when we do launch, our shoes will be to your greatest satisfaction. We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete our short survey by clicking the link below to begin. Thank you in advance for your input and for helping to make us better. 

Women’s Shoe Survey

Help Make Us Better



Kansas City, MO

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