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Helping Others

Stand For The Silent

Freedom Shoe gives back by helping nonprofit Stand for the Silent through supporting their mission. Helping and supporting charity is our social responsibility and we support Stand for the Silent an anti-bully charity that works to promote positivity and highlights the devastating effects that bullying has on its victims.   

“Helping Others is important because innately it is what we are supposed to do. It is part of life.” 

Stand for the Silent

Why Help Others

At different points in our lives we have all had to face being bullied in various forms. I am thankful to have come out on the other side with added strength to my character, but there are countless other people who have not been as fortunate.

  • As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” 
  • We are all one
  • We have to show compassion

For this reason the mission of Stand for the Silent remains close to my heart and that of Freedom Shoe. We share something in common, that is to one day live in a world where our scars and imperfections can be celebrated free of fear, where bullying and discrimination are not wide spread and prevalent.  The only way to achieve this is to spread enough positivity and cheer in the notion that we are all one.

Please take a look at this short video about Stand For The Silent and feel moved, inspired, passionate and compassionate.  

How can you help?                                                                                                             

There are many ways you can help make the world a better place. It starts small, and by helping the people around you, which will create a ripple effect.

  • Make it a point to spread love even when faced with hate. We all have the power to make good choices.
  • You can shop securely in our store; for each sale we donate a portion of our sales to this honorable charity.
  • You can visit our causes page to learn more about Stand For The Silent and make a monterey donation straight to the charity. 

By taking small steps we can all help to bring about positive change and bring much needed warmth to this gelid world. 

#WeAreAllHuman #Scars&ImperfectionsTellAStory


Kansas City, MO

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