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Tuesday, Aug. 4th 2015

Music Enhancing Your Life: 5 Great Ways To Think Of Using Music

Photo Credit Flickr: Miranda BailyGuitar


As my hind end molds into the leather upholstery in my car, I slowly back out of my garage to begin my day. The acoustics of my car echo with Mia’s, Elastic Heart. Music to my ears.. I thought to myself, could I imagine a world free of music? Now -stop for a second and think about that. Don’t get me wrong. There are times when my mind is perfectly fine without music. I like to meditate without it. Meditating Only with flittering thoughts that momentarily show themselves and evaporate without attachment. But to imagine a world free of it on a consistent basis is exceedingly difficult.

Here’s why and how you can use it to enhance your life:

“Music is a great validater”

As human beings we all strive to be validated. Validated for who we are, what we do, what we offer, for what we feel, for being “us.” Music especially helps to validate our feelings, which is something that we all strive for. Music is a form of therapy and by using music one can connect with the message of the artist and be validated by the notion that somebody out there in the world is feeling the seem way and going through the same experience. 

“Music is a creative way to express oneself”  

As humans beings even if one is not aware we also strive to express. We are built for community and expression and issues arise when we are not validated, are unable to have community, and unable to express ourselves.

For example take a look at the profession of counseling. Here is a field built on the notion of airing issues from within, and teaching techniques in communicating and conflict resolution; all forms of expression.

We can use music to express ourselves in simply ways. You don’t have to be the best at whatever form of expression you choose. Just sing or put pen to paper. Expression in the form of singing and writing I use and I must say it is a great way to release tied up emotions. Singing in the car, singing in the shower, writing down your feelings is cathartic and truly a great release. 

You can use music to write creatively, by writing about how the song touched you and how you identified with the message in the song. Which is an excellent way to express oneself and release tension. 

“Music is a teacher” 

Music can teach us and is a teacher. I remember my rebellious years (don’t judge people we’ve all been there in some form or another) as a teenager. You couldn’t tell me nothing and what’s more I knew everything.. Along with my friends music was such a companion as it validated who I identified with, and it helped me explore a more sensual side and come into myself sexually. Tlc, Keith sweat, boys to men..

Fact is there are many songs floating out there in the sea of creativity that will teach us about life, overcoming obstacles and how to heel from the experiences life deals. Love and the pain of rejection, now who hasn’t experienced those two emotions in some way shape or form? Study up with music. It’s a fun way!

“Music helps one think & heel”

As I put my finger tips to my keyboard in writing this blog post, my head nodded to the cadence of Mariah Carey’s Daydream Interlude. Music helps me think and extract thoughts from deep within my subconscious. Ideas will literally “jump” into my head.

I am always listening to music or something while I’m working in my work shop or sharing my knowledge through my blog. It is as if music gives me a chance to explore and enhance my creativity and it can for you too. I also use binaural beats which is a great way to enhance focus and hone creativity.

“Music helps to motivate us”

In our last blog we discussed how we can use music to set goals during our work out and how it passes the time away. The same can be said here in that it is guaranteed that somebody somewhere has written a song that we can connect with; and help us keep motivated to making positive changes.

I realize that there is the ying and yang. The balance in life, so there are less desirable songs floating in creative space that will only fuel negative thought. (That is the release that person needed at the time). But I’m speaking from a positive frame of mind, so naturally my advice is to attach your mind to positive words and use them to motivate you.  

There’s no doubt that music helps us to express our emotions as it is a known fact that bottling our emotions will inevitably lead to emotional disaster and breakdown. I use music to help me express my creativity. It brings me peace and helps me to relax. And by being relaxed ideas flow to my mind more freely. Music pushes me when I need it to, it motivates and inspires me to do more. Music is cathartic at best and is a great tool for powerfully expressing strong emotions, something that can only be good for our internal balance. 

– Pamela Williams


Kansas City, MO

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