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Thursday, Nov. 13th 2014

Laverne Cox: The epitome of Freedom

The break out star of “Orange Is The New Black” is intelligent, talented, alluring, and beautiful.  In the past six months Laverne Cox, a talented actress has adorned the coveted cover of Time Magazine, and found herself nominated for an Emmy.  This fall Cox will be a guest judge on “Project Runway” and is the executive producer of “Trans Teen” an MTV documentary expected to be simulcast on Logo in the fall.  Also, she has the impending release of her memoir to look forward to. Tr-TIME-MAGAZINE-hugehis may be a natural progression for countless talented actresses within our current zeitgeist to be honored with a plethora of opportunities, but it is especially honorable and rewarding given that Cox is a celebrated member of the Transgender Community.  

In her recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Cox touched on a childhood, which was a path littered with tumultuous obstacles in the shape of bullies.  Being bullied for not fitting in to what was expected of her at a time when finding oneself is the essence of growing.  Cox grew up in the South, and was exposed to discrimination and bigotry.  Cox navigated a tumultuous path and finds herself today shrouded by fame and in it’s window.  Her out take is pleasantly surprising and honorable.  For Cox, things happen for a reason.  Her fame is no accident, and given the heights she is scaling I’d have to agree.

But given this positive coverage of the Transgender Community, has there really been a shift in the perceptions of society? Are walls breaking down? For every positive force, there is a negative one to challenge the illumination of positivity. 
An article written by Mary J Moss for the Huffington Post, who is the mother of a transgender male highlighted what is wrong with many people who simply do not have much empathy for this emotional subject.  Michelle Duggar, known for her reality TV show “Duggars 19 and Counting” recently expressed her opinion about a bill under review to be passed by the City Council of Fayetteville.  (Now, everybody has a right to their opinion. Having an opinion in America is one of the founding blocks for this country; but when it promotes negativity why bother?  Is satisfying the ego that worth it?)  The bill will protect citizens against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation; on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, martial status, socioeconomic background, or veteran status.  Duggar advised that passing this law will enable transgender people to protect their predatory behavior, as transgender people are “child predators.” Duggars justification for her opinion is that passing this law will enable transgender women access to restrooms and public places where there are other women.  In essence, transgender women are really male regardless of if they identify with being a woman.  It’s an unfortunate depiction of a community in particular transgender women and men who spend years trying to live freely and fight to have their soul match their outward appearance.  In this case, Moss exposed the notion that ignorance is not bliss, it fuels bigotry; but it can be cured with education -wisdom. 
Ultimately, Cox represents positivity and strength on a huge scale so what better spokes person for the Transgender Community than a successful woman geared towards empowering others to work towards freedom. Freedom to be who you are regardless of the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, or your sexual orientation.  Now that’s Freedom Shoe’s kind of woman! 

Pamela Williams

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