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Monday, Dec. 15th 2014

Imperfection and the lesson it brings.

ImperfectionsAs most parents will attest to; when your child acts like a reasonable member of society, it reflects on you.  The sense that your guidance and teachings have transcended to your offspring; by the way they carry themselves, and make sensible decisions; by the way they treat others.  It makes one beam with pride.  

Now, when the notion of a captain springs to mind one thinks of a gallant leader.  Someone with integrity and honor willing to uphold what is right, to stand up to injustice.    So imagine the the horror a father faced when his son (the captain of his high school basketball team) actions illuminated to him that somewhere along the line he had made a wrong turn, headed down a path that was not on the map.  

The  father  in question had the foresight to act as a parent. That is to teach his son a valuable lesson in character building.  By happen stance, while his son entertained his mates at their home he over heard his son and his team mates ridiculing a young lady who attended the same high school, for the sake of entertainment.  The young lady in question had what the young men perceived as imperfections. She was blind, had the use of one arm, and was wheelchair bound. The young lady in question was grateful to be alive despite her perceived imperfections, her only desire like every human being is to be validated. 

The tail of this story is virtuous.  What began with the courage of a father to do his duty by making his son and his teammates accountable for their actions, by way of making them take time to connect with the young lady on a deeper level; ultimately ended with a school uniting and rallying around the once ostracized young lady. The young lady would find herself immersed in the acceptance and validation she once craved from her counterparts.  It was brilliant by the father, almost mastery in its execution.  For, by his son and his mates asking just four penetratingly deep questions they received a valuable lesson in gratitude, which ultimately led to empathy for the daily grind of the young lady they had ridiculed just hours earlier.   

What does this have to do with me you may ask?  The notion that small steps can lead to great things.  It begins with a single courageous step forward, gathering momentum, moving forward until we’re moving full steam ahead. One can gather many, and the father in this story showed that by playing his part.  We all want to be validated and should not be judged based upon what we look like and are preconceive to be.  By taking the time to connect with another human being on a deeper level, that which is to penetrate to their core will ultimately open the door to a wealth of growth and lessons.  Knowledge is power.  So regardless of stereotypes and outward appearances, by simply taking the time to connect with another, one will find that what they have to offer can be much much more.  Worth more than the power in the moment of being considered “just, worthy and powerful” for making one feel inadequate.  Moral of the story -get to know oneself, because knowing yourself and being in touch with oneself will allow the feeling of empathy to flow and the understanding of how our actions can affect others.  The notion of “I wouldn’t like to be treated that way, so why should I treat other’s that way?”  It all begins with the individual, before we can spread everlasting positivity to others.  

Pamela Williams


Kansas City, MO

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