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Friday, Oct. 6th 2017

Historic Weston AppleFest

historic weston applefest

Visit me at booth #57. Bring me some wine please! ūüôā

Historic Weston Applefest 

As I prepare myself for another event, the Historic Weston Applefest, three weeks after the last one, I am reminded that I am extremely fortunate and blessed to be in the position that I am. Working for myself in a field which allows me to be creative, spreading a powerful message, inspiring others; living my dream.  

Weston was once, Queen of the Platte Purchase, and became a significant mid-nineteenth century Missouri River port community. It was the second (only to St Louis) largest port on the river. At one time over 265 steamboats anchored down docking in this town. Population growth as a result would see Weston surpass neighboring Kansas City and St Joseph, with both towns gaining population sizes back after major floods, fires and civil war afflicted Weston. Till this day the population size remains under 2,000. Visiting Weston you notice the slender walk ways and streets, compared to the vast current real estate in over populated areas. With the arms length closeness of its antique stores and restaurants, you get the feeling of a close circumference of people united in their love for this small historical town.   

This coming weekend I will be in Weston, Missouri participating in the Historic Weston Applefest event. With its variety of unique shops, restaurants, brewery, pubs, wineries, distillery (beverage appears to be a common theme here… ūüôā ), museum, entertainment and attractions, there is much to do.¬†Come, bring your family and be a part of this¬†pre-civil war¬†historical town this weekend October 7th and 8th and support us local artisans making a living doing what we love. If you are looking for a unique gift to fit your personality or your loved one you will be sure to finds it here. ¬†

In addition to 20% off selected featured collections, I will be showcasing my new affordable handbag design, inspired by people who absolutely love what I do and my creations. Now you  can own something that fits your unique personality and is as unique as you are. All for a price that fits within your budget.

So come and get started early on your holiday shopping. Get organized and beat the rush! See you at Booth 57!

Click to view Applefest Special in Weston Chronicle 

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