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Freedom Corner

  • 7 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt

    In the world we live in today, with perfect images portrayed around us there is much pressure to be perfect. In fact we can not escape it. We are constantly being judged on our appearance or for the choices we make in our lives. There is much energy...

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  • 3 Beautiful Solutions To Overcoming Insecurities

    Every human being has insecurities, but as women we feel pressure to strive towards being more, doing more, and adopting much duties than we should on our plate. To hold down the fort, so to speak, as the anchors of our households.  In the world we...

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  • DOSE Holiday Shopping Style Event

    [caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="562"] Dose Event with KCFW at the Berg Event Space[/caption] KC Collaboration and KCFW The inaugural Dose Holiday Shopping Style Event is here and I couldn't be happier. I recently wrote, "I...

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  • 6 Ways To Care For Your Handbag

    [caption id="attachment_2247" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Freedom Shoe Handbag from our Opulent Collection[/caption] Whatever is created will eventually decay. That is a fact. After paying what may seem like a small fortune, the last thing one...

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  • Historic Weston AppleFest

    [caption id="attachment_2711" align="aligncenter" width="574"] Visit me at booth #57. Bring me some wine please! :)[/caption] Historic Weston Applefest  As I prepare myself for another event, the Historic Weston Applefest, three weeks after the last...

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  • Body Reset Diet. I Lost 17 lbs in 15 days

    [caption id="attachment_2684" align="aligncenter" width="588"] Creamy Spinach and Chickpea Stir Fry with Whole Wheat Pita[/caption] If you are wanting to drop at least 15 lbs within 15 days through a balanced diet and exercise you have landed at the...

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  • Founder’s Story

    I celebrate our unique qualities by designing and making unique one of a kind genuine leather Handbags and Shoes.   Handcrafted. In Missouri. With Love.   After taking a leap of faith, with the support of my husband I switched careers to fulfill...

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  • Music Enhancing Your Life: 5 Great Ways To Think Of Using Music

    Photo Credit Flickr: Miranda Baily As my hind end molds into the leather upholstery in my car, I slowly back out of my garage to begin my day. The acoustics of my car echo with Mia's, Elastic Heart. Music to my ears.. I thought to myself, could I imagine...

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  • Why It’s Important To Fight Against Bullying

    On that frigid winter morning on February 19th, a young man entered that lunchroom to complete a routine that is his norm. Gently placing his books on a chair to secure his place, he trotted towards the counter to obtain his breakfast. This seemingly...

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  • Imperfection and the lesson it brings.

    As most parents will attest to; when your child acts like a reasonable member of society, it reflects on you.  The sense that your guidance and teachings have transcended to your offspring; by the way they carry themselves, and make sensible decisions;...

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