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Wednesday, Feb. 10th 2016

Founder’s Story

I celebrate our unique qualities by designing and making unique one of a kind genuine leather Handbags and Shoes.  

Handcrafted. In Missouri. With Love.



After taking a leap of faith, with the support of my husband I switched careers to fulfill my desire to work for myself and establish a home based business. I found a company in California, which acquired inventory from overseas. I purchased Handbags and Shoes to distribute. However, when they arrived I was so disappointed in their quality I did not want to associate my name to them. Not wanting to quit, the notion popped in my head that I could make them myself at far better quality. That was most important to me. To make something that would last, was of exceptional quality, and something that was unique. 

I took an online class to learn the techniques used in handcrafting and evolved from there, designing and making my own unique style of handbags using genuine leather. I received so much attention from friends and family I decided to launch my handbags first. 

Who knew that I had this hidden talent, which would not have been realized had I not wanted to start a home based business and make something here in America that would last. I am truly thankful and I am inspired to celebrate uniqueness and the unique qualities we all have.

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me: 

I love being a mother to our compassionate little guy and I love being a wife to my loving supportive husband, who encourages me to express myself. Wine nights and socializing are always welcome. I love food, wine, family and friends. I believe in the power of the Universe and My Heavenly Father.  

-Pamela Williams


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Kansas City, MO

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