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Monday, Feb. 9th 2015

Drag Me All Night Long For Charity


Like a sold out Madonna or Jay Z concert, the room was packed to the rafters, filled with exuberance and excitement; a sea of bodies sitting in clusters. It was standing room only. As the alcohol was in merry abundance, and gluttony filling the air, we awaited for the glittering moment. The moment the star would adorn her pedestal. Her entrance was dramatic and prolonged, as the crowd eagerly awaited her arrival clapping in perfect cadence, she danced her way through the crowd; arms swinging, hips shaking and gyrating to the rhythm of the beat. The applause rang out from corner to corner. No table was left unaffected by the statement of Melinda Ryder’s entrance. Synonymous with glamour she encased the mic in her right hand hand and took the stage. Boy was she the center of it. Commanding and engaging her audience, one couldn’t help but be captivated.  

From where she would echo the winning numbers, Ms Glamour explained the rules of the commencing bingo game from her pedestal,  the terms of the ensuing raffle in its aftermath, and left the audience in limbo regarding the charity mission..

With a simple glance to her left her lashes fluttered, her arm outstretched, Ms Glamour motioned for my essence to take the stage.  For a few moments the spotlight illuminated that essence and with a whisper of encouragement from Ms Glamour, I was left to face the audience and will them into sharing in the mission of Stand for the Silent. That which is, to bring about the awareness and effects of bullying and the devastation that it causes.  To encourage those who witness bullying to speak up for the victims, to be that glimmer of hope for the those less confident, to spread positivity.  


As my eyes swept from left to right engaging the audience it was abundant that the audience understood.  It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and the aftermath of my speech gave rise to that notion.  People willing to donate to this worthy cause independent of the lure of bingo prizes or the promise of raffle winnings. “Please, just take this.” Said an anonymous lady as she handed me a donation. People ready to give in the full essence of the word, giving without receiving gain for oneself.  Evident in the raffle winner donating her winnings back to the cause.  Such was the resonating belief in the cause. “My son died a few years ago and was against bullying.  He would have wanted me to do this.” She said.  For who hasn’t been touched in some way, shape or form by bullying.  

The night was an overwhelming success, with just shy of $2000 raised for Stand for the Silent in just two hours.  Freedom Shoe’s first fundraising event was undoubtedly a smash hit, to which we are thankful to all those who volunteered and to those who came out to Hamburger Mary’s in support of charity and standing up to bullying.  

So let us keep this momentum going and carry this positive energy into and beyond this week of love, continuing to do kind acts for each other, helping those in need.  For that is how we will spread positivity far and across; with small sustained acts of kindness towards each other. We change the world. #WeAreAllHuman.

-Pamela Williams

Please hover over the “Freedom Corner” tab to enjoy our slide show pictures of this event on our News & Events page.  

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