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Wednesday, Oct. 4th 2017

Body Reset Diet. I Lost 17 lbs in 15 days

Body Reset Diet

Creamy Spinach and Chickpea Stir Fry with Whole Wheat Pita

If you are wanting to drop at least 15 lbs within 15 days through a balanced diet and exercise you have landed at the right place. Ever heard about the Body Reset Diet? A way of life that is simple to follow with benefits of good nutrition, leaving you feeling better about yourself, looking great, and sleeping better. You don’t even have to give up caffeine, in fact caffeine consumption is actually encouraged. All of this with great tasting recipes. 

La Bodega

Birthday celebration with my love

Let me take you a few months back. It was late April and as I looked at myself in the mirror and stared at the image projected back, I was not happy. Fast forward to the weekend of May 6th. With one of my custom clutch designs by my side, I had just celebrated my 38th birthday with my love, fresh off the stage so to speak…. For the night before had been spent in splendor at La Bodega, sipping sangrias, and nibbling on exquisitely tasting tapas. Swiftly followed by the sound of wine and tumbler glasses clinking together “cheers baby” along with the soft soothing tempo of local Jazz in the antiquely timeless speak-easy Majestic basement. (By the way, being in that basement, it is like one is instantaneously thrown back in time to the era of Al Capone). 

“We all have the power. The power to make changes that bring happiness to our souls.”

The rapturous praise from strangers, and glancing looks alike told a story of my appearance and outfit. Seemingly I nailed it, but, I was not happy. Hair flowing in loosely coiled locks, tailored sweeps side to side, layer upon layer, left side part prominent in view. My dress shimmering silk, deep mustard and purple in color glowing and above knee, make up on point, but I was not happy. Why? Because that dress hid what I knew was underneath it all. Underneath my dress, underneath my skin, deep within. I was not happy.

I hated the way I looked and I hated the way I felt about my body (when you go to your closet and with each passing week become limited in terms of what you can wear due to expanded growth, one tends to become slightly pissed off internally). I had no one to blame but myself. A quick fix of processed foods, sugar here, (yumo), fries or better known to me as chips there, (yumo), all things meat (which I still love in moderation) and pizza. My destain for soda; throw some salad in there and sushi to make myself feel like I am actually eating healthy and giving my body what it needs to function equals weight gain. And the subsequent lying to myself to justify my actions. The notion, “processed foods along with salad and sushi is healthy. I’m alight. I don’t drink soda.” I knew I needed to change something but it wasn’t until that trip west at the end of April to a dear friends baby shower that the “ah ha” moment came. 

“There are marvelous benefits to good nutrition.”

Amongst the sea of people celebrating a new innocent life coming into this depraved egotistical world (as I write this blog another unbalanced soul has taken the lives of innocent people in Las Vegas) I was given a solution to a new way of life that would prove to be my rebirthing. Through the chatter of catching up the solution came. It had been over 10 years since we last saw each other and much had changed in our lives. My friends sister exclaimed, “I have been doing the Body Reset Diet and I feel fantastic.”

“Huh?” was my immediate thought. What benefit have you noticed the most? I asked. “I sleep better and have more energy.” Honestly I know more came out from her mouth, but everything else that she said faded into the distance like a group of people fanning outward from the center in a circle leaving one exposed in the center. My noggin honed in on “I sleep better”. I know it sounds strange as after all I had my epiphany of wanting to make better changes to my life after not being able to fit into my clothes (I guess it was tangible, visual and hard to dismiss like we can emotionally). But the not feeling good about myself encompassed the sleep portion too. And I knew that loosing weight wouldn’t be the issue once I got started, but it would be the sustained feeling better portion. Because with me I can loose the weight, but it comes right back after getting fed up with constant unrealistic restrictions and deprivations. 

“Now I sleep better at night and have more energy throughout the day.”

I flew back home that late April and before even boarding the flight had began to investigate the Body Reset Diet. My friends sister didn’t know it then, but that conversation would have a profound impact and change my life more than I could have imagined. I decided that after my birthday celebration and Mother’s Day I would start. I knew that our family tradition is to celebrate these occasions. And heading to Cheesecake Factory on the day celebrating the tumultuous yet rewarding journey of motherhood is a joy for our little guy, who greatly looks forward to “taking mummy” there to celebrate. Okay I’d be lying if I said that I only wanted to start after Mother’s Day for his sake, of course I wanted a “last hoora” (I am only human) before living within stringent confines (so I thought) would begin. I bought the book from Amazon, read it and waited with mixed emotions for the days to roll down to May 15th.

Day 1:

“Okay,” I thought, this is great.  Three phases five days each totaling fifteen days to “reset your metabolism,” I get to eat five times a day for the rest of my life to include at least one smoothie, have to walk only to get my steps in, strength exercises, drink plenty of water and will drop between 10-15lbs in those first fifteen days based upon testimonies. At least five grams of protein and fiber each meal, no more than ten grams of sugar. “I got this.”

Day one came and went… All I can tell you is that I vividly remember by 1030am during my “snack time” I wanted to over eat the way that my brain and body was used to. I called my mum for a pick me up who quickly reinforced that I was working towards a goal, one that could easily be attained with focus and belief. I started at 150lbs and the goal I had set for myself is 125 lbs. 

Day 3:

As you can probably tell I missed out day 2, because that too was a blur to me and just wanting to revert to not having to do something that was actually going to better my overall health. It’s easier isn’t it? To do what is easy and often time worse for ourselves. But on this day, day three I would be reminded that what comes easy won’t really bring you success and that anything really worth it is gained through hard work and hardship. That will bring you success. This is the day I call my “hump day” as it was the day that for me I started seeing the positive changes to my body and emotional health. Yes. In three days…

“In 15 days I dropped 17 lbs” 

My morning began with me literally clearing out my insides on that porcelain (much needed), by the afternoon I was in a better mood (thank you serotonin). By the end of the day, I found I still had more energy, and by the next morning noticed that I had slept in deep sleep for a longer period of the night. (Typically I would wake many times a night and often could not go back to sleep). I felt remarkable different and knew that even though I was initially grumpy at retraining my brain to view food differently, I was now experiencing tangible rewards for my courage to pursue positive changes. 

Day 15 and the Rest of my Life:

body reset diet

Get creative: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Whole Wheat Pit, Non Fat Greek Yogurt, Spinach, Red Onion and Cucumber.

I thought to myself, “now that I know how good this feels, I never want to go back to feeling the way I was.” I reached the end of phase three which effectively would be (and how I do) live that rest of my life consuming at least one smoothie, two snacks, two solid meals a day.) By the fifteenth day, I had dropped 17 lbs and was feeling overall fantastically. Notably hopping on the scale and seeing the weight loss, sleeping better to the point that my husband said I talked and giggled in my sleep (something that I vehemently deny, for I have NO recollection, haha), and I was in such a good mood! 

I have been living this way ever since and I can tell you, it is nice to head to the closet and be confident that I am going to fit into my clothes, some of which my husband has never seen me in. It is nice to not have to think “damn it! I have to go and buy a new pair of jeans” simply because what I do have doesn’t fit. I don’t know if it is nice for my husband to be even more tactile than he was..! Haha just kidding. That is nice too. For the warmth and comfort of his touch is addicting. The Body Reset Diet is a way of life and not restricting and confining but is actually freeing. You are encouraged to have “cheat meals” where you can eat whatever you want. However, you feel so great you seldom want to. 

It has now been 142 days since I began my journey and I am 3 pounds away from my goal! I have given myself until the end of the New Year to attain my goal, but I know that I will reach it before then. During these 142 days I have come to realize that the body is like a fine tuned formula one race car. It needs the right fuel to perform at optimum levels, to heal itself and take care of us. We fine tune with the right food, rest, exercise, spiritual growth and plenty of water. If we don’t give it what it needs it can’t do either of these things and we suffer in turn. I have also discovered a love for my morning and evening walks, walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. This is a time of meditation for me that I love.

“Our bodies are like a fine tuned Formula one car”

The short term results I noticed straight away were better sleep, regular dumping (thank the Lord! It’s amazing how light you feel when you do that everyday!) More energy, and overall feeling great. But for the long term results we will see where it leads, but what I can tell you without any equivocation is that I like where I am headed. Sugar remains challenging more so when Flo comes to visit, but moderation is SO key and works if you are disciplined. I love the way that I feel, love the way that I look, my body is now sculpted from doing the five minute strength exercises suggested in the book (hint… get the book! Not only does it explain the science behind it, there are great food suggestions too!) And I discovered a love for walking that I never knew I had. The best thing is that you can too!

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