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About Freedom Shoe

About Us

Read about Freedom Shoe here and discover that Freedom Shoe is an American home based handbag and shoe company located in Kansas City, Missouri. We handcraft our pieces uniquely using genuine leather and bring them to life by handcrafting our designs. Our designs feature unique markings, personalizations, and uniquely printed cow hides. 

About Freedom Shoe

  • We only make as many pieces the size of the cow hide will allow. 
  • Only a few handbags and shoes will ever be made in the world using that hide.
  • Unique just like we all are. 

About Our Mission

“To celebrate our unique qualities, scars & imperfections by handcrafting unique leather Handbags & Shoes using the imperfections of the materials; while providing a platform to give back.” 

About Freedom Shoe

Scars & Imperfections Tell A Story

We believe that we all have scars and imperfections, unique qualities that make us who we are. These tell our story and these should be celebrated.

For this reason we work with the scarring and imperfections of the hide, our creations are unique and one of a kind. Selecting and purchasing unique hides that often times will not be seen again, making for a truly unique and special finish.



If you see an imperfection it’s meant to be there!

We use genuine leather, which once upon a time lived, breathed, and became scared. Their scars tell a story just like ours do. 

As a family owned business we are able to stand firmly by our mission and ensure that our designs are unique collectibles handcrafted, and brought to life in house. Much care, attention and love is put into the making of each handbag and shoe. 

About Freedom Shoe

Giving Back

We believe in the importance of giving back to help those less fortunate. As part of our social responsibility we donate part of your sale to support anti-bully charity Stand for the Silent, whose mission is to promote positivity and to bring awareness about the negative effects bullying causes. We also donate to causes involving children and are involved in developing our own non-profit charity to help children. 

About Freedom Shoe

Domestic Design

We are proud to domestically design and bring to life our handbags and shoes by making them in house.  We use a large number of our materials from locally sourced companies, some from across the USA and some from Europe.

Our vision:

  • To continue to create our unique and beautiful creations here in the United States.
  • To continue to celebrate all our unique and beautiful differences.
  • To inspire the world to accept without judgement and to continually give back to help others.

Kansas City, MO

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