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Friday, Oct. 13th 2017

6 Ways To Care For Your Handbag

6 Ways To Care For Your Handbag

Freedom Shoe Handbag from our Opulent Collection

Whatever is created will eventually decay. That is a fact. After paying what may seem like a small fortune, the last thing one wants is for decay to be imminent and for your beautiful investment to be ruined off the bat. To help delay the inevitable, here are six ways that will help stave off decay a little longer:  

Here Are 6 Ways To Care For Your Handbag

Routine Maintenance Will Help:

Obviously you will be out and about, but where possible keeping your handbag out of direct sunlight for sustained periods will help greatly. Rotating which handbag you use regular will help to prevent them wearing out too quickly. Wiping your handbag while in regular use weekly with a soft cloth and handling with clean hands is also a great way to maintain your beautiful investment. 

Cleaning Your Hardware:

Did you know there is another use for Mr Clean’s Magic Eraser? This common household item can actually do a decent job cleaning up hardware that has been tarnished.  

Protecting Your Lining:

Protect your lining by making sure you store any liquid cosmetics in a small zip lock bag, which can fit perfectly into the security zipper inside your Freedom Shoe Handbag. Pens can be stored in the front pocket of your handbag designed with quick access in mind. Luckily, the inside lining is designed with washable material, so if you do experience an unlucky spill, you can wash it! 

Remove Stains Immediately:

This may sound obvious, but it is so true. Think back to a time that you may have let a stain settle, surely it was much difficult to remove. If your personality is similar to mine, then you will probably remove it immediately and are therefore approaching this cunundrum with a thumbs up. Haha! For any water stains blot and let dry naturally. Look out for my post with featured examples!

Store Them Properly: 

Storing your handbags in shelf organizers will not only help keep them protected, but it will also help you stay organized. There are different types, such as over the door hanging purse storage a hanging closet handbag holder or a linen storage bin. As an added layer you can also store them inside a transparent dust storage bag. I use shelves to store my handbags and I love it. It helps keep them protected and me organized! Another good practice to get in the habit of is stuffing your handbags with unused clothes, or tissue paper in the same way that you would your shoes.

To repel odors you can keep different scented leaves for example lavender or even baking soda. Place in a small baggie inside your handbag and then zip your handbag to seal it and than store. 

Protect Your Handbag:

I treat my finished creations with Master quick shine which is a 100% wax formula. It doesn’t stain, adds shine, and is waterproof! As well as its heavenly sweet smell, the best part is it is good for all colors, so you don’t have to purchase multiple cans. Just spray and wipe with a soft cloth. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips to ensuring your unique accessories are well cared for. Let know if I can help in anyway.

-Pamela Williams

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