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Friday, Nov. 3rd 2017

3 Beautiful Solutions To Overcoming Insecurities

Every human being has insecurities, but as women we feel pressure to strive towards being more, doing more, and adopting much duties than we should on our plate. To hold down the fort, so to speak, as the anchors of our households. 

In the world we currently live in, we are bombarded by messages to strive towards perfection in a world where there is no such thing. Setting unrealistic goals in order to compete and keep up. Unconsciously looking toward our neighbor in an attempt to see what is going on over the fence, as opposed to our own yards in order to compete against ourselves or our fellow struggling sisters. A way of measuring up.

“We are perfectly imperfect, with our flaws, blemishes, concealer, lashes and hair, we are who we are.”

Nobody should have to look at oneself and wonder if we are good enough or if we measure up to standards. Standards which are unrealistic given the examples of photoshoped images that are highlighted and portrayed in our world all around us today.

It is hard to know what exactly one is truly experiencing when we see posted pictures. But to have something visible and tangible that is imperfect, yet beautiful can begin the first steps of a paradigm shift.

Here are three solutions that we can implement that will help us see the beauty in us, helping us to grow:

Solution #1: See the beauty in imperfection

Seeing the beauty in imperfection helps us not to strive for perfection, as we are perfectly imperfect. Rather, for us to be happy in the notion that we are perfectly imperfect. With our flaws, blemishes, concealer, lashes and hair, we are who we are. Free to express ourselves authentically.

Solution #2: Look at external objects that are imperfect and see the beauty 

Seeing something visually can help in a shift emotionally. Our purses highlight this notion beautifully in a tangible way, that there is much beauty in imperfection and that we should be free to express ourselves in a way that truly reflects our personality. Our purses help women overcome insecurities by showing the beauty in imperfection. With this notion we can experience a life of emotional freedom, boasted self confidence, and a greater sense of well being.

Solution #3: Concentrate on your own grass

Many a time, it is easy to want to peek over at our neighbors grass and wonder why and how it manages to thrive. Not taking into account sacrifices, be it emotional or financial that may have gone into the nurturing of their grass. It is easy to adopt jealous envy, and it is damaging. Simply, focus on your own grass. Because if we all focused on want was going on in our own yard, our grass would be just as prosperous. And there would be no need to peek and foster any feelings on jealously or ill will. No need to use platform that could do so much good, for the bad. Instead, we’d be willing to help our neighbor water their grass.

Sure, this is easier said than done. But with a positive mindset we can do anything. By following these three simple solutions we can begin the steps to making our households, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, and world a better brighter place for us to live in and for generations to come.

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