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Freedom Shoe

Fashion. Celebrating. Imperfection. 

Nobody likes the feeling of insecurity. Seeing the beauty in imperfection, shows us the beauty in us. Our purses help us see the beauty in being -perfectly imperfect. Boasting our self confidence, allowing us to fully express ourselves and giving us a clearer state of mind.




Read How Freedom Shoe is improving the lives of other women 

Meet Sabrina, who received a custom purse as a surprise birthday gift from her fiancé. Read how her purse brought joy to her life. These are her words. I did not edit them.

“It’s Sabrina, the bag is seriously amazing! I love it more than the first one I saw. I can’t believe all that the two of you went through to make this happen for me. I will be posting on Facebook tomorrow. He cut my head off in the video he took and stopped it before I started crying.”


cultural collection 


People want to feel good about themselves. To be free of the need to be perfect, constantly striving for perfection in order to keep up with other people. Freedom Shoe helps women by designing purses that have imperfections in the leather to show the beauty in imperfection, the beauty in us -perfectly imperfect. 

We know how hard it is to overcome insecurity, and as women we tend to hide our imperfections by striving for perfection. Being more and doing more. Using imperfection as a shield to deflect vulnerability and shame.  Freedom Shoe has helped many women express themselves confidently and feel beautiful by showing the beauty in imperfection. Providing them with an accessory that is as unique and beautiful as they are. 

In three easy steps you too can enjoy owning a purse unique to your personality, that is beautiful, and perfectly imperfect like you. Express yourself.



1. Pick out your purse      2. Purchase your purse     3.  Enjoy your gift


Kansas City, MO

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