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Freedom Corner

  • Music Enhancing Your Life: 5 Great Ways To Think Of Using Music

    Photo Credit Flickr: Miranda Baily As my hind end molds into the leather upholstery in my car, I slowly back out of my garage to begin my day. The acoustics of my car echo with Mia's, Elastic Heart. Music to my ears.. I thought to myself, could I imagine...

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  • Why It’s Important To Fight Against Bullying

    On that frigid winter morning on February 19th, a young man entered that lunchroom to complete a routine that is his norm. Gently placing his books on a chair to secure his place, he trotted towards the counter to obtain his breakfast. This seemingly...

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  • Drag Me All Night Long For Charity

    Like a sold out Madonna or Jay Z concert, the room was packed to the rafters, filled with exuberance and excitement; a sea of bodies sitting in clusters. It was standing room only. As the alcohol was in merry abundance, and gluttony filling the air,...

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  • Imperfection and the lesson it brings.

    As most parents will attest to; when your child acts like a reasonable member of society, it reflects on you.  The sense that your guidance and teachings have transcended to your offspring; by the way they carry themselves, and make sensible decisions;...

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  • Laverne Cox: The epitome of Freedom

    The break out star of "Orange Is The New Black" is intelligent, talented, alluring, and beautiful.  In the past six months Laverne Cox, a talented actress has adorned the coveted cover of Time Magazine, and found herself nominated for an Emmy.  This...

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