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Our Heels

Our Heels



Our Heels

Freedom Shoe heels are made using old Italian shoe construction and cobbler techniques, here in the USA. In addition to our shoes being hand lasted, to ensure comfort our heels are designed for a wider fit with insoles for added support. We’ve taken great lengths to create a shoe that will be lasting and for this reason to assist against structural failure our heels and arches are designed to be more durable than high quantity manufactured shoes. 

To aid in longevity we preshrink our leather and hand stretch the leather during the lasting process. The result is quality comfortable shoes that fit and shoes that do not detach from sole.

We use unique, quality leather hides. This allows us to create unique shoes through combining different leathers. Depending on the hide(s), we make a selected amount of heels as much as the hide(s) will allow, which adds to the shoes uniqueness. We believe in celebrating our differences; our shoes are therefore unique and different like us.

Our Heels


Located inside each shoe at the heel are two numbers. The first indicates which number you have purchased and the second indicates how many have been made. Ex. 1-1. Forever documenting your uniqueness and ours. 


We specialize in creating women’s shoes in large sizes. Beginning with 10 up to 15, listed in women’s sizes. For added convenience our shoe sizing chart located at the top of our homepage will help make selecting your desired shoe a much easier process and will also provide tips on feet measuring to assist you in choosing the right shoe. Note: As our shoes are hand made and stretched during the lasting process our sizes may run a little larger than normal. 


Our shoes are transfriendly and made for all women with plus size feet. We are excited to continually design our shoes and to ensure quality. We continue to test and refine them before our big launch. 

Our Heels


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