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Freedom Shoe Handbags

Freedom Shoe Handbags

FS Handbag Collections

Freedom Shoe Handbags

Our Freedom Shoe Handbags are made to be unique and different from any other handbag on the market. Through our different designs we celebrate the unique qualities we all have by using the unique markings of the cow hide, using uniquely printed leather and by using the natural curvature of the hide. 

Our bags emphasize change, evolution, and difference. That difference is good and should be celebrated. 

Genuine Leather 

We work with genuine leather to ensure satisfaction, longevity, and quality of are handbags. We treat all our Freedom Shoe Handbags handbags after the handcrafting process and before they are shipped. The treatment will help to preserve and protect your handbag. 

Freedom Shoe Handbags

Cultural Collection

Freedom Shoe Handbags are inspired by celebrating our unique qualities we also have a collection featuring cultural materials, as shown in the picture above. We pair hand woven cotton from Africa with leather to create an authentic and unique design. 


All of our handbags are made with quality in mind. Our handbags are stitched using an industrial sewing machine providing added strength. Our straps and handles are stitched and reinforced using bonding cement for extra strength to prevent tearing. 


All of our handbags are made with red lining. Think of FS Handbags as the bag with the red lining. Our handbags are all fully lined and reinforced and are designed with zipper and pouch pockets inside.  

Handcrafting our handbags and using genuine quality unique hides allows us to combine different leathers for a unique look.

Key Hooks

Know where your keys are at all times. All our tote handbags come equipped standard with Key hooks inside. 

Freedom Shoe Handbags

Personalize For Free

An extra added unique feature is to have your handbag personalized with your initials or if your bag is a gift the initials of the person receiving the gift. Simply let us know by writing a comment during the checkout process to let us know what initial you would like. 

Our Unique Marker

Each handbag is made with a unique marker located inside. The maker indicates the uniqueness of the handbag. The first number indicates which number you have purchased and the second indicates how many have been made. Ex. 1-1. Forever documenting your uniqueness and ours. A special feeling to know that by choosing one of our handbags you will be one of only a handful of people in the world with that particular style of leather and color handbag made for you. A handbag as individual and unique as we all are. 

Freedom Shoe Handbags
Our Unique Marker stamp pictured below lets you know exactly what number bag you have and how many will be made. Example: First bag made and only one that will be made (1 – 1).





Kansas City, MO

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