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Freedom Shoe Leather Handbag & Shoe Store

Leather Accessories That Represent You

Fashion. Celebrating. Imperfection. 

Freedom Shoe is a unique locally owned handbag and shoe store in Kansas City. All designs are created using the natural imperfections of the leather, creating a beautiful and unique finish, just like we all are. We believe our scars and imperfections tell our stories and should be celebrated. 

We believe in giving back to help other people and donate a portion of sales to anti-bully charity Stand for the Silent who’s mission is to promote positivity, educate our youth on the dangers of bullying, its effects, while encouraging bystanders to speak out and up for those who can not.

Go to our store and look for a design that suits your unique one of a kind personality. While you shop you will also help to support non-profit Stand for the Silent and a fabulous cause anti-bullying cause.  Click the link to learn more. 

Freedom Shoe



“I create leather accessories as unique as our individual personalities. Something that represents you that no one else has”  

Pamela Williams



Freedom Shoe Handbag & Shoe Store 


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